Hello world!

Good news! Yet another boring personal blog has born!

Totally irrelevant for the majority of people, not also unknown, but for the most closest too. My intention is not to reach to the people, or become popular, like many other bloggers; this blog is going to be focused on translating my ideas and thoughts on many technical and/or technological topics, but mainly to improve my English expression.

Most of the time we try to learn things or improve our knowledges without too much effort, and this point is, actually, more common when we try to learn a language: we read some English news, listen to English music, and even we use some typical expressions. If you realise, these kind of tasks can be done without real mind effort, we even do them without thinking (if you have an average language level). But afterwards, when you really need to use a correct language (for example, writing and email, talking in a meeting, or doing a job interview, you get stuck, and you run into the raw truth: you are unable to express yourself in that language.

I encourage you to listen to the last ‘Vaughan Radio’ promo: in it, we listen to Richard Vaughan reciting a poem in Spanish; he talks about the huge effort that he invested in learning Spanish, and the importance of the practise and perseverance. I haven’t found it on the Internet, but as soon as I do it, I will attach it below.

My intention is to write a couple or three big posts, and some short and less ambitious stories. Subjects will be around technology, kwnoledges acquired during my spare time, or information about my personal projects, Shaping all together a portfolio of my personal and professional evolution.

Finally, I attach a photo taken when the blog was born. Does anybody know where I was?

Hope you enjoy with my stories!