Ubuntu 11.10: how to change double tap action in a Synaptics touchpad

By default, using a Synaptics touchpad, Ubuntu 11.10 configures double tap as a right-click button. Nothing in this way can be changed through System Settings. All you need to use is the synclient command:

kortax@kortaxubuntu:~$ synclient
Parameter settings:
LeftEdge                = 105
RightEdge               = 2339
TopEdge                 = 63
BottomEdge              = 989
FingerLow               = 24
FingerHigh              = 29
LBCornerButton          = 0
TapButton1              = 1
TapButton2              = 3
TapButton3              = 2
ClickFinger1            = 1

The bolded attribute means that double tap is configured to act as a right click. What we need is to change TapButton2 value to 2:

kortax@kortaxubuntu:~$ synclient TapButton2=2

Via: askubuntu.com


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